This page will be used to show some of the structures I built for my layout. Building structures is the part I like most, I started with some easy kits and will gradually go on to Craftsman kits and eventually scratchbuilding, hopefully evolving enough that I will be aible to scratchbuild the Newton Kansas depot wich will be my centerpiece.

Different structures and how I built some of them, listed in chronicle order from present to past.

Walters Wood Coaling Tower

Period Miniatures Combination Station

Mainstreet Belleville

RSlaser 1st Bank

Monster Modelworks 3 Story Starter Kit

RSlaser The Grove Building

RSlaser Harris Door Manufacturing

Small Metcalfe Structures

Metcalfe Regal Theater Cardstock

RSLaser Bain and Mitchell Eagon Co.

Lunde Studios City Bus Terminal.

Rail Scale Models Engine House.

Perplexing Puzzles Plus Restaurant

Perplexing Puzzles Plus Station

Perplexing Puzzles Plus Fire Station

Rail Scale Village Provisions

Rail Scale Models DeSanto's Print Shop

Rail Scale Models Coal House

RLW American Flag Company

Blair Lines Ernies Gas Station

The Courter Factory

The Dubois Store and House

Diverce plastic structures.

N-scale Architect Rode-A-Way Transfer Company

Denny's Electro

Mooney's Plumbing Emporium in N-scale and H0

Bar Mills Saulenas Tavern

N-scale Architects Somerville Junction

Some small kit builds.

Wharton Iron Mill becomes a grain elevator and mill.

Suburban Housing.

Valley Fuel and Supply.

A Chech church.

Transfer building.

Clay Center Rock Island Station

Clay Center Tower

Weimers Mill

Feed and Supply

Republic Locomotive Works 112 2nd Street

GC Laser Auction House

Period Miniatures Mel's Produce

Republic Locomotive Works Babe's Diner

Creative Laser Design Farmhouse and Long Barn

Gas Station by Inter Action hobbies

Round Barn by Carolina Craftsman Kits

Janbouli´s Golftees Inc.

Jimmi's Kits

Hinkle Milling Co.

Sunset Motel

Will Models

Ag Press Manhattan Kansas

Xcel Feed Mill

Clay Centre Depot

The Roscoe Store

The Welding Co.

The Old Mill

My first Hydrocal build

Kits from RSLaser

Manhattan Depot and freight house

Grain Elevators

Randy's Donuts

The Restaurant

Double Covered Watertank

Manhattan Wharehouse

Patty's Pottery

Factory Kitbash

The Bank Build

The Muir Models Sandhouse

Santa Fe RR Buildings

Earl Smallshaws Tenament Row

Nabisco Building Kansas City

Old Alehouse

Mayflower Movers

Newton Fox Theatre

Backdrop Flats

Meatpackin Plant and Dairy

Various Bridges

Some of the buildings ready for my layout.

This will be the Fox Theatre in Newton, I hope I can find the appropriate doors otherwise I will have to make them.

My first scratchbuild is coming along nicely I think, I couldn't find pictures of the Theatre in the year I am building so I took the liberty of detailing the front as I think it might have been.
Ben Hur is from 1959.

These are Kato facades, with a little bit of work they are easily made into American looking facades.

This is a prefab kit from Woodland Scenics, the only work is painting them, not much fun but with the amount of structures I need for my layout very much needed to have enough diversity on the layout, choice in structures in N-scale is good but not great like in H0-scale.