Denny's Electro aka The Blue Bell from Nscalelaser

I bought 2 of these from , a British one man firm making American themed lasercut kits.

These are the parts and the manual , the walls have first been coated with a textured paste from Lucas and then all the parts have been airbrushed with Vallejo Air Intermediate Blue and Sand.
The windows and doors are built up of several layers to create depth.
After all the layers are attached to the walls , and curtains and blinds included in the kit are in place the walls look like this.
These curtains are from a Kibri kit and the shop interior are photo's I googled and printed .
Then I assembled the walls , keeping them square with my steel cubes.
Adding the other halves of the chimneys, and the roof , everything fits without a problem.
Added the upper parts of the chimneys, and did some roofing. The roofing is done by painting the roof with a thick enough layer that it remains moist a minute or so, I then spread sand on it, let that soak in to the paint a half minute or so and shake off the sand that doesn't stick to the paint.
Some photo's of the finished building, this was an easy fun build and in my opinion looks better then DPM kits. Downtown Deco kits look somewhat better , but are also more difficult to build.
This mite be the site where the building will be placed on my layout.