Building a Liftout Bridge

I have a liftout in one room , I can duckunder here , but in the future I might need the liftout for moving large items in or out of the layoutroom, and I don't get younger so maybe one day I won't manage the duckunder anymore.
The new piece of benchwork to be connected.
This is what the other side of the River looks like.
The 2 pieces of benchwork with the doorway in the back.
I made braces out of metal hook pieces and a 2x2
In another 2x2 piece I drilled 3 holes , in my case 10mm in diameter. While snooping around at a DIY , I came across these things we in Holland have on our windowshutters, I'm not sure if they have these evrywhere. They fit perfectly into a aluminum pipe I also found there, and I figured I could use this to make a firm connection with less chance of movement. I only used the aluminum pipe in the middle hole, if I ever have to make another Lift Out , I will use a mounted drill to make the holes , for now that I drilled them by handheld it was impossible to get all 3 holes exactly right. It does work however and the connection has little to no movement
Here is a picture of the 2 parts connected together
I then fitted the piece of plywood that would cover the gap, and enforced this with 2x2's. The whole is very strong has no movement, the downside is that it does not come out easy, I will have to look into that, maybe 2 handles on the sides will help.
I fixed the brackets with the holes to the benchwork on both sides , ( remember to place your facia first ). Be aware that if you want to pour a river the brackets and thus the Lift Out have to be level.
The almost finished Lift Out , well at least the body, there will be a bridge over a river and a track before it is really done. Hope I gave you some ideas.