Easy and fast ( temporarily) ballasting.

This is my method of laying temporary ballast, I have so much other things to do that I think this is just fine for the time being.

I'll show it using a turnout, because thats actualy the reason why I tried this out. This method is easy to keep turnouts clean and working.
Lay the piece of track on a piece of thin double side tape, haven't tried thick tape yet, maybe a way to have instant trackbed too.
Cut away the tape you think is too much.
Cut away underneath the throwbar.
Cover with ballast, and then press everything down with your fingers.
Shake the ballast that doesn't stick off the track, I use a large piece of paper undernetah the whole process, the ballast can then be easily poured back into the container.
All I had to do was run a toothpick inbetween the switches and frogs to clean them so they woulkd work properly.