Fixing a slow motion switch machine to the layout.

Instead of screwing my Tortoises or Cobalts directly to the underside of the layout, I fix them to small multiplex boards and then screw them under the layout , it makes it a lot easier to scew them in place and thats exactly what you want , as less time under the layout as possible

First I made a simple jig to drill the holes for the screws.
Small piece of styrene as guide.
I used 3mm multiplex , for me it had the added bonus of being exactly the correct hight so that the switch rod barely peeps through the hole in the throwbar.
Screw in 2 screws , making sure they don't come out of the bottom.
Place you machine so it fits snuggly .
Then screw in the other 2 screws.
Fix the steel rod to your machine.
I do a batch of them in one setting.
Here is one attached to the underside of my layout , I hook them up to a switch and using one hand to hold the machine and the other to switch the turnout I hold it exactly where it makes the turnout move best from right to left, then still holding it in place with the one hand , with a battery screwdriver I fix it to the layout , so much easier then holding the machine , the screw and the screwdriver ( almost impossible with 2 hands ).
All the Cobalt switchmachines for Clay Cenmter are now installed , frogs connected for polarity change. All track has feeders connected.