My backdrop is made of hardboard mounted on 1x2s every foot, in the picture you see 1x2s on the front of the backdrop to hold together while glue cures.
The corners were a lot easier to make then I had thought. I measured how close to the corner I could place a 1x2 so it would make good square contact with the hardboard, I then placed 1x2s on both sides of the corner. I then pressed one side against the part of the backdrop that was already placed ( glue and screw ) . Then I forced the hardboard into the corner bending it and then screwing it to the 1x2s ( of course glue was already on these. I do believe that the corners are the strongest parts of the backdrop.
I then filled all the holes from screws and cracks in between the boards. And then gave it a thorough sanding.
For my first layer of paint ( latex ) I could have used plain white or grey but I'm glad I didn't. By trying to get the sky on in the first paint I found out exactly what I should or shouldn't do. Should do: Use a lot of paint. Shouldn't do: Thin it.
This is my second layer of paint, notice how much better it looks. Initially I had 2 colors, sky blue and white. I mixed some of the 2 so I had 3. Now if you want a clear blue sky with a white blueish horizon you can stick with the 2 colors, painting 2/3s blue and the bottom 1/3d white. Make sure you put on lots of paint near to where the 2 have to fade into oneanother. You can add clouds to the clear blue sky after it has dried. I didn't want a real clear sky , I wanted a sky with a hazy look, not real clouds but not real blue either. Thats why I used 3 colors and plenty of paint. The more paint you use the better the colors mix without getting streaks that look unnatural. I started putting on the white layer ( be careful , don't do large parts at once or your paint will dry out, I did about a yard at a time), then the light blue and I wasn't careful where the 2 met. Then I did the same with the sky blue on top. When I had finished ( and the paint was still sticky ) I took a brush ( not damp, not really wet ) and went over the whole backdrop, this made evrything blend just a little more, otherwise the white was too white and the sky blue too blue. In the pictures you can see the result, I think I did a pretty good job especially concidering this was the first time I did this.
When you don't feel like doing anything , the best thing for me is to start something easy that gives a big result and works very statisfactory.
Thats why I decided to do some backdrop painting.
Done in an hour or so , easy as pie. Went to the local DIY, chose the pefect color and with a small roller it was a great result without any effort, just what I needed to get me going again.
Taped up all my backdrops for 2nd level room 2.
Then using glue sticks I glued down the first part, I just love doing things that are easy and make a lot of difference.