Wiring a DPDT switch with a Tortoise and 2 LED

Someone asked me how I wired my DPDT switches to my Tortoises so the LED's on my control panel would change the lighted color. This is my attempt at a tutorial.

You will need , a DPDT switch On-On , 2 LED's 1 red 1 green is what I use, a piece of heat shrink tube and 3 colors of wire.
Start by soldering 2 short wires to the top 2 connections on the switch.
Next 2 somewhat longer wires to the middle connections, it doesn't matter if you use other colors but connect them the same way as I did.
Next cross over the 2 short wires diagonally and solder them.
Now solder 2 longer wires to the connectors you just crossed over to, making sure the long wire is connected to the corner that has the same color as the middle wire.
Make sure the long wire is connected to the corner that has the same color as the middle wire. The switch is now wired.
Let's start with the LED's . I take a piece of wire in a third color for the next step. Push a piece of heat shrink tube over the wire and solder the wire to the long leg of the green led, see http://www.tonystrains.com/technews/tortoise/wiring-leds.htm
Solder the same wire to the short leg of the Red LED
Cut the wire and mount both in a terminal block.
Now solder 2 wires to the other legs of the LED, notice I used the blue wires, because these will be connected to the blue wire on the tortoise. Mount these in the other terminal of the terminal block.
Now mount the middle blue wire on the switch to the terminal block connecting to the grey wires, and connect the blue wires coming out of the LED's using the terminal block to the blue wire from the Tortoise , this wire should be soldered or otherwise connected to one of the outer Tortoise contacts.
Connect the longer wires from the double wired corners to your power supply, I use a 9 volt 1000 mA wallwart.
This is the fully connected setup , the wires to the right go to the tortoise's 2 outer contacts. The wires to the left go to the Wallwart.
Switch flipped to one side , turnout moves and the Red LED burns.
Switch flipped to the other side and the turnout moves and the Green Led burns. Mission accomplished. Sometimes your Tortoises are not all aligned in the same direction , you will have to switch the wires going to the Tortoise accordingly , this does mean the last part of your wiring will have the colors mixed.