German WR360 C-12 Engine

The box , always a great illustration on it. The color of the engine on the cover will be the color I will be making the model.
More then 600 parts , here they are .
The instructions use only a few words but the drawings are very clear, with all parts numbered. There is also a color scheme with numbers and names for the color's from several different manufacturers. The color scheme however is the one used after WWII, when the engine was used in civil service. I will be painting it in the color scheme used in the war.
On with the build , although I am waiting for the paint to arrive it's no problem , military modellers tend to assemble several sub assemblies before painting , sometimes the whole model is put together before painting. I will do the sub assemblies and then paint. First I cut all parts for the assembly off the sprue with my sprue cutter , stainless steel German made quality tool. Then I sand off any flash or leftovers from the sprue. Then dry fit the pieces and then glue them on.
2 pieces of frame ready.
Assembled the axles and fixed them in between the frame pieces. Till now everything fits perfect , but that's what I expect from Trumpeter.
Assembling the buffer beams.
Wheels masked for spraying the inside.
Assembled brakes, springs etc. ready to prime with mat black.
A bit dark on the photo , but in real it is a nice mat charcoal/black
Try fitted the wheels , didn't glue them , makes it easier to assemble the slide rods.
Slide rods assembled.
Pilots assembled.
The main deck assembled.
More details under the deck.
Photo etched parts for the steps and radiator , more on this later. Ordered a bending device for these and many more photo etched parts on other kits.
I thought this was 1:35 scale and not n-scale.
More details for inside the cab.
The hood comes in a nice separate box in box.
The hood right out of the box.
And with all the doors and details assembled.
The cab doors with grab irons.
The 4 parts of the cab ready for priming.
The photo etched stairs bended and glued with CA
Installed to the frame.
The interior of the cab being installed.
The inside of the cab , it will hardly be visible from the outside but I decided to paint the wood planked doors and floor and later on the instruments on the dashboard.
The doors were done with 3 color's to make them look like real wood.
My bag of ballast to keep the roof in place while the glue sets.
Painted and weathered the wood floor , it will hardly be visible but I know it's there.
The photo-etched radiator.
Just to see if everything fits as should.
Ladder to top of hood.
All sprue's are empty , and I have these separate assemblies to paint.
Put together after a first airbrushing of Vallejo Black Primer
Just a little detailing to the interior, the shiny parts are supposed to be there, to make metal look used and handled I use an 8B ( very soft ) pencil.
The hood and cab after a 2nd primer airbrushing.
Next step , white primer airbrushed onto the places where the paint will have faded from sun and weather. If I do the color spraying as should then this will give lighter , faded patches on the final paint job.
Airbrushed with Vallejo Air German Green, not sure if I will do another layer, I like the faded look the pre-shading gives it.
Some photo's of the finished model.