Carolina Craftsmen Kits Newport Hardware

My first CCK kit in H0 , here's the box.
And here are the contents.
The instructions , a bit minimal , but I had no problems building this kit.
Started with bracing the walls.
An A&I wash.
Followed by painting the walls.
Painted the doors and windows. All paints on this kit are Vallejo, but I have several greenish colors and can't exactly remember which ones I used on this build.
Fit the front doors to this frame by cutting off a piece in the length and sanding so it fitted nice and firm together.
Front side.
Corbells assembled.
All walls with doors windows and trim.
Some curtains from an old Kibri kit for the living area.
Assembling the staircase.
Assembling the walls.
Did some small interior work , a counter , floor and backdrop from hardware store.
Walls assembled.
Roof base, trim and corbels assembled.
Signs added, and yes these are signs from the Majestic kit , I will be putting the 2 buildings on a dio such that this is the store of the business and the Bar Mills kit will be the work place and storage place, more on that later on in the show.
Roof covered with shingles.
Roof finished and weathered, this structure will now go on to be part of the Majestic Hardware build.