MJ Kits

This is Model Junctions Kits ( made by B.E.S.T. ) Jim's Place in H0
After I glued stripwood to the corners I braced the walls and glued them together.
A rather dark wash of A&I.
Then a Sky Blue , which is more of a light green , because the front was maintained a bit better I painted the front twice to give a better coating.
Balcony and porch floors and roof placed.
Also placed all windows and doors which are a cheap spray can green.
Balcony railings installed , this is where H0 is definately superior to N-scale , the scale size of things such as railings.
Shingled roof , great shingles from BEST with peel and stick.
Final pictures ( except maybe an interior will be added later ).
This was quite a nice little kit , great for novice builders and a nice little edition to my future H0 harbor layout.