Bar Mills Majestic Hardware

The parts of Bar Mills Majestic Hardware in H0
Painted the walls Vallejo Middle Stone.
Trim , windows and doors are Vallejo Amarillo Panzer
Concrete foundation in Polyscale Aged Concrete.
Corner trims.
Assembled window frames and doors.
Applied window shades first and then assembled the walls.
A little bit of dry brushing.
Started assembling the roof parts.
Tar paper roofing and shingles , the shingles were meant for a few places where replacement had been done , but I kinda like the higher part of the structure with a shingle roof.
Tar paper painted Tamiya Neutral Grey , the shingles first color is Vallejo Wood.
Painted the white metal castings in the kit , not sure what some of them have in common with a hardware business.
Some more roofing done and the towers placed. Just a little pressure and a bit of sanding needed to make everything fit.
Corrugated roofing painted and weathered.
Assembled the roofed docking area.
Template for the painted on sign.
Airbrushed the sign , came out okay , some A&I and weathering and it will look good.
Pipes, chimney and other details assembled.